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Expert in Supply Chain Solutions!

One point Supply Chain Solution is steered by a group of energetic supply chain veterans having multi industry expertise in integrated supply chain, logistics management, warehousing and automation.

The company is led by a group of skilled and talented team members who have nearly decade of experience in solving complex supply chain problems and creating best in class, sustainable solutions for partner companies.

Company operations are led by team leaders who has been instrumental in streamlining partner relations, steering change and managing stakeholder’s interest.

As we believe in teamwork and collaboration with our organisation people strategy is the major role which is been brainstormed and is been instrumental in leading by example in his earlier roles.

We have a brilliant team who takes a complete charge of Finance and Accounts. With his 15 years of experience in field of working capital, treasury, accounts and investment banking the organisation is bound to leapfrog year on year.
Committed for value creation in Supply Chain Space.


We all have different capabilities which complements each other and have one underlying passion.

We one point SCS are company with joint venture with Canadian Giant Ontario Transway they are our financial to develop logistic base in India.

our vision

  • We one point supply chain solution is a part of Mangalam – Aastha Group having manufacturing unit across India

  • We intend to increase our own fleet to minimum 250 vehicle by 31st Dec 2021 according to customers requirements.

  • We intend to increase our branch base to atleast 50 by 31st Dec 2021

Need help with easier Logistics solutions? We are experts!

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